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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



School of Business & Management Candidate

NC Board of Governors Student Rep Candidate

Hello & welcome to my profile. My name is Bhrigu Bagga, and I’m running to be the next director of the School of Business & Management. I am currently in my first semester of the International Business Management program. I believe “knowledge is power”. Knowing about it is good, applying it is better but you know what’s best? Sharing it. 

I am a congenial person and understand that friendships can make school life fun! The idea behind running for this NCSAC role really is to nurture a space where we can try & help each other as much as possible, and achieve collective success. If given a chance I am sure I would be an asset to our student community.

About me: I am a mass communication graduate, and also a Peace Win Scholar at the University of Winchester, UK. My academics shape me in a way that I enjoy conversations on a variety of themes. We can play sport, watch movies together but what really gets me going is dialogue. To read, write, learn from shared experiences and to add value to community life. It may be worth mentioning that I was the president of my former school club and was also the coordinator for the mental health action group at the Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance. These experiences help me on a daily basis to understand the roots of chaos, no matter how small or big they may be. Lastly, my dear friends at School of Business & Management- should you need a candidate who is versatile yet grounded- you know who to vote for! Connect on Instagram @baggabhrigu #Here4You #BeBest #VoteBB

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