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Hey there! I'm Bhuvnesh Bhatt. I enrolled in Niagara college, Canada to pursue my undergaduation in Automotive Engineering. Some of you already know me as I have been serving as a Student ambassador since September 2020.


I come from a field that has been doing so many discoveries for mankind for decades, 'Engineering'. Being an engineering student, I am capable of monitoring everything on a macro level. I believe that I possess strong communication and soft skills that can make me a strong performer for this role. I can work efficiently and deliver exceptional great results that can be an addition to the team.


Throughout my journey as a student ambassador, I have developed emotional intelligence that has polished my people's skills. I am an international student so I can empathize with the students very nicely as I have been there and I am still learning every single day. Being a student ambassador I have worked closely with the student association and other team members.


Time is the most precious commodity and I think this is the right time to apply for this job as I am having relevant and sufficient experience as of now. My current capabilities and skills induce me that I can absorb the responsibilities and work on them efficiently and effectively.


Unity is 'Strength' and I believe I can be a good leader as I possess good emotional intelligence. I am a highly motivated and hard-working individual. I am committed to my tasks and targets. I like to accept challenges. I also like to motivate people who are around me. I always communicate on a professional level and empathize on a personal level. So, I am confident that I can hit the ground running with minimal job training.

Remember, voting will open on Monday, March 15th (12:01am) and will conclude on Thursday, March 18th (4pm). 

You will receive a voting link to your NC email address , so simply open the email, click the link and cast your votes!