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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023

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School of Justice & Fitness Candidate. 

Hello NC Knights! My name is Carmella Broccolo-Criger, and I am running to be the next director of the School of Justice and Fitness. I am currently in my 2nd year of the Police Foundations program here at the Welland Campus and I have truly enjoyed every moment. I have always been the type of person that wants to support and help others. I believe that everyone’s voice and opinions are valuable and should be heard and listened to. If you vote for me, I’ll make sure that your voice is brought forth to the NCSAC table. 

A little bit about me is that I love to read and paint in my spare time. I’m always here to talk with, so even if you just want someone to sit down with and talk book recommendations, I’ll be there! Currently, I am the elected 2022/23 director for the School of Justice and Fitness. I also currently work on campus with Student Recruitment and the Library, and I often volunteer at NC through various sources! I truly find value in being a part of the NC community and being a student leader here on campus! If you are looking for a candidate with involvement and experience, then you’ve found the right page!

So, if you are a student that is in a Justice and Fitness program and you’re trying to decide who to vote for, know that a vote for me would be voting for someone who believes in the importance of YOUR voice and opinions, and wants to make sure that all students have an amazing experience here at NC. A vote for me is a vote for yourself! 

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