Carmella Broccolo-Criger


Carmella is a Police Foundations student. 

Get to know Carmella: 

Hi Niagara! My name is Carmella Broccolo-Criger, and I am running for your ‘School of Justice and Fitness’ Board Director. I am currently in my first year of the Police Foundations program here at the Welland Campus and I have been loving every single moment of it. For me, this college has always felt like a home away from home. The atmosphere and environment have always been incredibly inviting and supportive.

I strongly believe that I would be a great candidate for this position because I have always been the type of person that wants to support and help others. I believe that everyone’s voice and opinions are valuable and should be heard and listened to.

If elected as Director, I want to primarily focus on creating a safe return for students after having the past two years of COVID-19 restrictions. I believe that if it is done effectively and efficiently, we as students can be safely back on campus, learning in-person and participating in on-campus activities, once again.

A vote for me would be voting for someone who wants to see students back on campus and for someone who believes in the importance of YOUR voice and opinions.