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Welcome to The 2024 NCSAC Elections

Meet The 2024

Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 11th, 2024


Reena Vie

NC Board of Governors Student Rep Candidate

Hello everyone! I am Reena Vie Maningding and I’m glad to announce that I’ll be running my candidacy for the position of Board of Governor Student Representative. I would be grateful to be part of the board as well as be the helping hand of each student
at the campus and be the connection on all the decisions that NCSAC makes.

About Myself:
I love to explore and try different cuisines as food gives me comfort. In the same way as how I engage with my friends and my fellow students, I wanted to give them a comfortable environment for everyone! I joined and have led different organizations in
my past university that helped me to become a responsible leader and be able to connect with my members academically and non-academically.

If you are currently a student and still deciding whom to vote, I encourage you to participate in the upcoming election. You may check my Instagram (@reenaviem) and send me a message for more information. Your vote will VIE my voice!
For more information, check out my page on!

Thanks and Regards,

Reena Vie Maningding

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