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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



School of Hospitality & Tourism Candidate. 

Hello Knights! 

My name is Elizabeth Lamb, I am in my first year in the Esthetician program. I hope to be elected as your director for the School of Hospitality and Tourism. Campus is a safe space for me! Shall I be elected, I hope to make it a safe space for you too! 

I make my best effort to welcome, encourage, and engage with others in a warm and friendly manner! This is my first time running for a post secondary student government position, my excitement was recently sparked! 

My desire is to be your friend on campus, whether it’s a concern you have about our school, or for us to chat about life and good times!

I grew up in Thorold, the city between St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. I love nature, walks, talking about early 2000s movies like Legally Blonde, manifesting, and nature (yes, this much)! 

I take an active approach for self betterment, so if you’re looking for someone who cultivates community growth that starts on a personal level, look no further! I am your girl!

Feel free to approach me in the halls, I’m easy to spot near the spa usually with a great big blue water bottle. I love to introduce myself to new people, so if you’re unsure how to approach me in person, send me an email ( 

I’m honestly so excited to have found the energy to meet the deadline for this election, so I’m grateful to get the opportunity to write this biography for you! Thank you all for your time, you encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone!

Like counting sheep to fall asleep, a vote for me will bring you peace! 


Instagram: she2chic

Tiktok: she2chic

student email:

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