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Welcome to The 2024 NCSAC Elections

Meet The 2024

Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 11th, 2024



Director of Media Candidate

Hello everyone,


I'm Hamza Albashatweh, and I'm thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Director of the School of Media at Niagara College. I'm eager to collaborate with fellow board members and the management team to ensure that every student's voice is heard and valued in all decisions made by NCSAC.


A bit about me: I have a passion for assisting students and connecting with people from all walks of life. Whether it's discussing college life or chatting about random topics, I'm always up for a conversation. With my background as a mechanical engineer turned student assistant and ambassador, I bring a diverse range of experiences to the table. I've been both a student and a staff member, so I understand the needs and challenges faced by students firsthand.


During my time at Niagara College, I've been dedicated to helping current and new students navigate their college journey and settle into life in Canada. My goal is to continue serving the student community and advocating for their needs.


If you're a student trying to decide who to vote for, I encourage you to reach out to me in person or through Instagram (@albashatweh1). A vote for me is a vote for all students, and I'm committed to representing your interests to the best of my ability.


For more information, please visit my page on


Thank you for considering me as your candidate.


Best regards,

Hamza Albashatweh

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