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Welcome to The 2024 NCSAC Elections

Meet The 2024

Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 11th, 2024


Director of Business & Management Candidate


NC Board of Governors Student Rep Candidate

Hey Niagara College friends, I'm Hishram Clifford, but feel free to call me Hish!


As a 2nd-year student in the 3-year Business Administration–Accounting program, I'm stepping up to run for the College Board of Governors and the Board of Directors for the School of Business and Management. My journey here at Niagara College has been filled with moments that have not only defined my student life but have also deepened my commitment to making our campus a more vibrant, inclusive, and supportive place for all.


Throughout my time here, I've thrown myself into campus life, from supporting our sports teams to competing in intramurals and living that “Get Involved” lifestyle. In fact, my significant presence on campus results in people thinking that I’m a full-time employee. When in fact, I’m just a full-time student making the most out of college life. 


For me, being involved is more than just games; it’s been about building a community, fostering teamwork, and creating lasting friendships. Beyond sports, I’ve taken on leadership roles in NCSAC clubs such as the Black Student Association, and local non-profits like Niagara Geopark. This balance of on-campus involvement and community engagement has been challenging but incredibly rewarding, showing me the power of student voices in making real, positive changes.


My promise to you, as I run for these positions, is rooted in three core commitments: to listen, to understand, and to genuinely care about the issues that matter to us as students. With the slogan "Your Voice, Our Future!" I aim to ensure that Niagara College becomes a place where every student feels heard, supported, and empowered. Together, we can make our Niagara College experience one that we’ll look back on with pride, knowing we made a difference together. 




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