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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



School of Wine, Beer, & Spirits WINNER 

Students of the School of Wine, Beer, and Spirits, I would like to present to you, that I will be running to become your representative on the board of directors, Joel Droogh, or also the guy who is 6ft+ tall and has a mullet. I am currently in my second term of Winery and Viticulture Technician and previously graduated from the Brewmaster program. If there is one attribute to describe why we chose to be in these programs it would be passion. It is passion to why I want to represent you on the board of directors at Niagara College.

Coming from an agricultural background as a 3rd generation dairy farmer in the city of Ottawa, there is a takeaway from agriculture that I can give to you if elected, it is the idea of community. My goal and desire if I become your director is to build and foster a more united and connected school between our unique programs that share many similarities while having their own identity. In the past years, I have always felt the drive to get involved in my local community whether that being Chairman of our Farmers’ Market promoting our amazing, local produce and artisans, advocating for the best interest of my village and its future within the municipality, or just playing on my local rugby club and having a cold beer after the game with the boys. In other words, I am outgoing, passionate, and fun.


 I’m not asking for 5.2% or 12.5% or 40% of your vote! No! I’m asking for 100% of your vote! So join me as I look forward to representing the School of Wine, Beer, and Spirits for Niagara College, and let’s bring school “spirit” back!

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