Juliea Hollingsworth 

Juliea is a Culinary Management Student.

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Get to know Juliea:

Currently in the midst of the two year Culinary Management program in CFWI at the beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake campus.  Juliea Hollingsworth is honored to call Niagara home.

Also volunteering with Niagara College’s Feed the Community program.  Juliea feels it’s been an invaluable experience so far.  The initiative donates healthy, hand-crafted meals to people with food insecurities throughout community agencies in Niagara.  It’s a wonderful way for students to practice new skills and meet new friends - all while giving back!

If elected as Director of CFWI for NCSAC, Juliea Hollingsworth would be voting on matters that matter to all students, and specifically representing all students within CFWI.  Not taking the responsibility lighty, Juliea promises to maintain an open ear throughout the year.  As a platform, Juliea is most inclined to lobby for more social activities on campuses and wishes to decrease the negative environmental impact of the college. She also looks forward to policing how student money is spent. 


Having graduated from York University in “the before times”, Juliea knows how fun campus life can be and wants this year to be the best Niagara College has ever seen. This is where friends are made for life!

When not cooking, baking, or candy making, she loves enjoying local wines alongside her lapdog, Paulina.

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