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Director of Business Management Candidate

My name is Lindsay van der Vechte and I am a President's honour roll student in the HR degree program. (4 year) As a student leader at Niagara College with a passion for helping students develop, I hope to be able to advocate for NC business students. As Co-President of HR@NC, I have developed the positive relationships needed to create an inclusive environment to promote student community partnerships. I have been part of HR at NC for three years, being co-president for two of those years.

I have guided my team through charity drives, networking events and skill development workshops. Through this hands on work I have been able to cultivate positive relationships with both students and industry professionals, at home and abroad. During my time in Peru with the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership and Be World Ready, I learned the importance of community and the value of working as a team. I hope to create better community involvement with local businesses to generate more co-op opportunities for Niagara students and foster an diverse environment.


As a peer mentor, tutor and advocate for HR programs I feel I understand the needs of our ever growing student population. Speaking to incoming students at open houses and orientations as well as being featured on my program website, I feel I have my thumb on the heart beat of Niagara students and can fully understand their desires. Working with the board of directors I will work hard to build a culture that is inclusive of all students and provides the best local community opportunities. 


Van Der Vechte

Business Admin

Human Resources

Remember, voting will open on Monday, March 9th (12:01am) and will conclude on Thursday, March 12 (4pm).  You will receive a voting link to your @NCstudent email address, so simply open the email, click the link and cast your votes! 

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