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Director of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport Candidate



Business Admin - Hospitality

Hello everyone! My name is Mariia Povolotska. I was born in Ukraine, but I moved to Canada in 2017 and started studying at Niagara College. I am currently enrolled to Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Program.

One of the most life-changing experiences I went through was University of Florida and Disney exchange semester. This great opportunity was provided by Niagara College and I was accepted to be a participant of this program. I have moved to USA, Florida to study at University of Florida and work at Walt Disney World company in June 2019 and lived there for 6 months.

I enjoy trying new things in my life and pulling myself out of a comfortable zone. I recognize that I might not achieve the result I expected through the means of such ‘trials’, but I’m not afraid of these outcomes. In fact, regardless of their nature, I always take them into account and change my habits and life accordingly.

I am passionate about learning about new cultures, travelling, sports, fashion, and hospitality industry in general and having an opportunity to become a Director of School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports will allow me to make more connections and share my stories with other Niagara College students.

I consider myself being a hard-worker and I strongly believe that all incredible efforts that I have put into endless tasks and aspects throughout my life to this point should be rewarded in some way as well.

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