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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



School of Hospitality & Tourism WINNER 

Hi Knights My name is Nishchay pal I am one of the candidates for the position of the board of director of hospitality and tourism as I am standing for the upcoming elections of NCSAC. I am in the 1st semester of my post-graduation certificate course in hospitality and tourism. I am a very social person due to which I really love to interact with new people and helping them during any kind of situation at any cost is also one of my traits. If you vote for me then I’ll make sure that your voice and opinions will be heard in all the decisions that NCSAC makes for the welfare and development of students and their community as well. 

Last week I did a survey in the college and I asked students to highlight some of the day-to-day problems that they usually face in the college. Problems like Lack of maintaining the decorum of the library, the timings of the cafeteria, fewer options for food and beverages in the food outlets of the cafeteria, and high prices of the books which are relevant to the courses are some of the problems that students are facing. I will try my best to keep these issues in front of the NCSAC and will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

If I talk about myself then I am a very jolly person. By profession, I am a Hospitality professional, and I did my specialization in the kitchen department. 

Feel free to contact me for any kind of assistance. In this college, most of the students are far away from their homes, leaving their families all alone back in their home countries, and coming here is not an easy decision, sometimes students face a lot of struggles, depression, anxiety issues, etc. So, for such students, I and my team will always be there to help them out in every situation at any cost. 

So, if you are a student who is pursuing your studies in the any program of the Niagara college, and you are facing a bit of difficulty as to whom you should vote for then you are looking at the right place. So please vote for me and I would be very thankful to you for your positive contribution. 
Thank you.

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