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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



School of Trades WINNER 

Hello NC Knights! 

It's Nishita Vekaria. I am excited to stand for the position of the Director of  School of Trades. I am enrolled in the Motive Power Technician - Automotive program 2022 – 2023. It would be an honour to represent all the students of the School of Trades and make your voice heard at NCSAC, and ensure the student priorities are considered first.

Here's something about me: I love nature walks and all the amazing views that come with them especially the sunsets accompanied with my RC truck. I am a F1 fan and if you’re willing to talk about anything F1, I’m your girl! I have experience in leadership as I have been the Director of School of Trades at Niagara College. I got an opportunity to represent the School of Trades of Niagara College at a federal level by meeting Jill Dunlop the Minister of Colleges and University. As a director I also got a chance to represent Knights on Niagara Day 2023 at NC. I have experience as the Student President in Kenya for 3 years in my High School. I would love to represent each one of you and ensure you get the best student experience at Niagara College.

If you’re looking forward to vote for someone who can represent you well as a student of the School of Trades, vote for me! Check out my social media accounts on Instagram @_nishitaaaa._ and send a message. Make a vote that counts

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