NCSAC Marketing Print Shop 

You need posters, we've got printers

All submissions will be approved by NCSAC CRO, then submitted to the NCSAC Marketing Team for printing. Posters will be available within 24 hours (or next business day). 

Here's the breakdown of what you can get printed from the NCSAC Marketing Team! 
$0.10 for each black and white copy (8.5x11)
$0.15 for each colour copy (8.5x11)

$0.20 for each black and white 11x17
$0.25 for each colour 11x17
Printing completed by NCSAC will be deducted from your $100 budget - you will receive a receipt from us based on what you print! 

** Please keep in mind, if you are submitting an 8.5x11 graphic for an 11x17 poster it will look stretched and poor quality. **
Submit your printing request by completing the form below
Indicate if you would like B & W or Colour, and # of copies
You are welcome to print anywhere else
Remember to keep your receipts

If you are seeking to have both 8.5x11 AND 11x17 printed, you will need to make 2 submissions, one for each size.