Roberto Villao

Roberto is an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration: International Commerce and Global Development student. 

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Get to know Roberto: 

I was born on February 9, 2003 in Guayaquil, Ecuador and since then I have lived a quiet life and I have always had the desire to improve, learn and share what I know to make this world a better place. This led me to participate in several activities which I really enjoyed. Public speaking, declaiming , writing and poetry are part of those talents that I don't always present but which have led me to have small but significant achievements. For these reasons I really enjoy in my free time educating myself, learning new things, reading interesting books, enjoying a good superhero movie and in my spare time cooking and playing the piano. I have had the opportunity to participate in different world conferences on leadership and poetry where I stood out and was designated as "Youth Poetry Ambassador" and "Diplomatic Champion" respectively. Likewise, I have always liked to serve others. As a student I had the opportunity and honor to represent my classmates as president of my class 5 times and as vice president of the student council 2 times. In the same way, I have been able to serve the different international communities that coexist in my hometown as coordinator of "Community Engagement" in the Museum of Cultural Diversity.

As a person it can be difficult to leave behind the place and the people you grew up with, but this difficult decision that I made in 2021, leaving my country (Ecuador), to venture and learn new methods and things in Canada is what has allowed me to grow not only
academically but as a being.

Today, I am in my first year of the "Honors Bachelor of Business Administration: International Commerce and Global Development" program and I want to be elected as your Student Representative and director of the School of Business & Management to express
your needs, the needs of students and always put you in first place.