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NCSAC President Candidate

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Fitness & Health

I am the head of Niagara College Martial Arts Club established in 2019. Also, I am one of your Student Ambassadors. I have the chance to work with Niagara College Wellness Peer as well. Some of you may see me at Niagara College – Residence, I am one of the Residence Services Representatives. As for my background, I have a bachelor's degree in Sports Engineering.


I am a Martial Arts Instructor way back home. In addition, in many competitions l have won awards such as World Medal Championship, World Premiere League, and Asian Karate Clubs. Currently, I have taken Fitness and Health Promotion to incline my career pathway. As most of you know, I have been promoting the Niagara College Martial Arts Club through social media platforms to increase people's awareness about it.


I have traveled most of my life and been to many places since I started Karate at the age of 5. As I go through, I have met a lot of people with different cultures and backgrounds. But what caught my attention fully is Canada, the reason why I chose this country to immigrate and started my new journey. I found the opportunity to enter one of the prestigious schools, which is Niagara College. The college provides theoretical learning as well as practical and skill courses to help and prepare us for our future career and create more learning opportunities, understand complex situations and communicate effectively. But today, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and running to be your NCSAC President for this year. Together we will make a difference. During this pandemic, you are not alone. We will get through the hard time.


I know how it feels and I can relate with you. We will hear your voices and concerns to have your college experience at its best and making Niagara College your second home

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Remember, voting will open on Monday, March 15th (12:01am) and will conclude on Thursday, March 18th (4pm). 

You will receive a voting link to your NC email address , so simply open the email, click the link and cast your votes!