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Sam Jemison

Sam is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technician program


Sam Jemison is the acting 2021-2022 President of NCSAC, and is running for re-election to continue her advocacy efforts for the 2022-2023 year.

Sam was an engaged, and energetic student during her nearly four years at Niagara College. Graduating from the Mechanical Engineering program in April 2021, and having acted as NCSAC President since then, she has already made quite the legacy in her wake at NC. She has acted as Director of Technology Studies, Vice President, Board Chair, and President at NCSAC, all of which have given her all the experience she needs to succeed in the role of President for another year.

Outside of NCSAC, Sam is a student pilot, a volunteer Medical First Responder with St. John Ambulance, and a volunteer student advisory board member for Student Health 101. She has earned the Award of Excellence in Women in Trades and Technology Award, was named Niagara College Student of the Month for March 2019, and earned her certificate of leadership from the LEAD program in 2019 as well, from her role as a sustainability ambassador. She has also worked in both the NC mechanical labs, and in the WAMIC Research Centre (WAMIC), both roles that helped her learn more about Niagara College, its partners, and practices. Sam has also spent a fair share of her time on posters and advertisements for the school, as well as in media releases for WAMIC, both of which act as another display of her intensive involvements.

In her free time, Sam enjoys kayaking, playing video games, acting for film and television, creative writing, and most recently, building and tinkering in her yard and home shop.

Her tireless commitment to NCSAC over the past four years and having been so heavily engaged in the Niagara College community has helped her understand the struggles students face, and the different ways to overcome them. Moreover, she has spent countless hours learning board policies, helping guide the NCSAC organizations strategic direction, advocating on behalf of the entire student body, and engaging with students during NC events; all of which have given her an in-depth understanding of the role she plays in student advocacy, and the challenges it brings.

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