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Voting ballots will be emailed to all NC students starting on March 13th, 2023



NCSAC Presidential Candidate

Hi Niagara College Knights, I’m running to be the next President of Niagara College. I am currently in my 4th and last year of completing my Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration- Human Resources. I love helping where and how I can while including the voices of students in big board decisions. If you vote for me, I’ll make sure your vote for me will be a voice for all decisions that NCSAC makes in terms of student well-being, financial and social. 


My single mother immigrated to Canada with me and my 2 sisters from Pakistan to provide me for a better life and education. It has been my life goal since to be as strong as my mom and take the next female lead. I want to exercise my privilege of being in Canada to influence good by expressing the impact in Niagara College positively. Being Canadian every day reminds me how thankful I am in comparasion to those who struggle to live, don’t have a safe shelter like the recent earthquakes in Syria or the crisis happening in Ukraine (there are way more crisis’s and tragedies happening in the world right now more than I could list). I live by the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I hope I am becoming that person that makes a difference in either someone’s life or help resolve issues whether it’s a humanitarian like supporting individuals/countries that are most vulnerable to disasters, attacks or discrimination. As well as, in NC I aspire to intensify gender equality, making sure sustainability is well represented, amplify diversity, and any student academic concerns are addressed. Therefore, I have always been passionate to get involved within my community since I was 14 like contributing to city events like soup kitchens and cleaning up litter in parks. I am currently involved and committed with NCSAC as a Director for 2 years gaining sufficient experience and knowledge to be qualified to run for president. Less than 2 months ago I was hesitant to run for being president —I am glad I am here today running for the Presidency role to execute my mission influencing greater change at Niagara College.


A little bit about me: I love to go on nature hikes, dance, and watch horror movies with my family in my spare time. If you run into me, don’t be afraid to say hi and we can sit down and chat about the Stranger Things show for hours and how tomato sauce is better than raw tomatoes (change my mind otherwise!) 


If you want to learn more about me and my campaign, please head over to my page on Instagram @voteurooj4pres and I would be more then happy to connect with you and feel free to shoot me a message questions you have (even if it’s about the tomato sauce vs raw tomato discussion).



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