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Business Administration
Human Resources

Hello NC! My name is Urooj Rajput and I’m a second year student in Business Administration - Human Resources. I am ecstatic to announce my candidacy in the NCSAC election for the position of Director of Business & Management Studies. 


Some of my hobbies include working out, reading books, studying activism and watching movies! I grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario where I spent the years gaining experience pertaining to this role. I represented Niagara Falls across Canada in Ottawa’s Rotary Club and at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto. I also spent 4 school years on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council of Niagara Falls to represent the secondary schools in the Niagara Region where I would collectively advise, discuss and debate important matters on social issues and recreations and encourage the reformation of health, life, and well-being in response from the voices of the youth. 


Through my experiences I have acquired the skills and knowledge of managing and representing various voices on a macro and micro level. After experiencing NC for 2 years, I would love nothing more than to bring my leadership to run and work as the Board of Director for Business and Management facility at NCSAC. 


One very important area I will begin in this role is focusing on mental health and accommodations to ease the hardship of these unprecedented times. 


Put your confidence in me and I will make sure YOUR individual voices are heard to bring the changes needed to make NC a collectively amazing institution. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out! 🙂 


Your voice, your choice!

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Remember, voting will open on Monday, March 15th (12:01am) and will conclude on Thursday, March 18th (4pm). 

You will receive a voting link to your NC email address , so simply open the email, click the link and cast your votes!