Urooj Rajput 

Urooj is a Business Administration - Human Resources Student.

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Get to know Urooj:

Hey Knights, my name is I’m Urooj Rajput and I am a third-year Business Administration – Human Resources student. I am running to be your Director of Business at NCSAC. I had the honor of becoming the Director of Business last year and served a year on the board. I am running again because I have unfinished business at NC of more projects to plan and execute in terms of student well-being, financial and social! I hope I can be re-elected because I have big plans for you which are listed below in this text.  


My single mother with 3 kids immigrated to Canada from Pakistan to provide me with a better life and education. It has been my life goal since to be as strong as my mom and take the next female lead. I want to use my privilege of being in Canada to exercise my power to influence good by expressing it through volunteering and leadership in my community. In high school, I was awarded the Willoughby Volunteer Award for surpassing over 400 hours of volunteering. Being Canadian every day reminds me how thankful I am in comparison to those who struggle to live and don’t have rights around the world. I live by the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I hope that person will be me one day that makes a difference in either someone’s life or help resolve issues whether it’s a humanitarian crisis in a country, promoting education for girls, or supporting the students at my school to address their needs. Therefore, I have always been passionate to get involved within my community and help impact greater change in any way possible till today.


I have great volunteer/Involvement experience in student governance. I have a year of experience with NCSAC and 4 years on the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee of Niagara Falls. In both the roles I spent my time collectively advising and implementing important matters on the reformation of well-being and recreations for the students at my school. I believe these experiences are a very important asset to my directorship because it focuses on voicing the concern of students, which similarly becoming the Director focuses on – listening to what the students need.



Here's what I have to offer if I were elected. I have developed 4 elements to my platform:

  1. Student experience:

    • Developing affordable student travel, trips and learning opportunities in Canada & America

  2. Student Finances & affordability:

    • Reducing textbook prices 

    • Offer free menstrual/feminine hygiene products campus-wide

  3. Student wellbeing: 

    • Fostering more Mental Health resources and accompanying accommodations

  4. Student protection: 

    • Increasing Sexual Violence Prevention and Survivor support 

If you would like to see these goals HAPPEN on campus, I can to the best of my power. If there’s anything else you would like to see implemented, DON’T hesitate to message me – I want to hear it. I want to be YOUR VOICE and help you see the change you wish to see at Niagara College. If you choose to vote for me, you’re not just voting for me, you’re voting for us as students. Let’s voice out your concerns, Let Urooj be your voice. 

Vote Urooj starting March 14th - 17th. 

To learn more about my platform elements/points, check out my social media accounts (linked above beside my profile picture).