Elections FAQ 

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Don't see the question you might have? Send an email now to info@ncvotes.ca! Our CRO will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also visit our offices at any time!

  1. How do I vote?
    Answer: On March 9th, at 12am you will receive an email from Your NCSAC directly into your @NCStudents email. So whether you’re checking from your laptop, tablet, or phone – you’ll be just a couple clicks away from very easily casting your vote! You'll have until 4pm on March 12th to cast your vote. 


  2. How do I know who to vote for?
    Answer: One of the best parts about the voting system Your NCSAC uses is that it shares candidate profiles with your ballot. Furthermore, this website will have full candidate profiles as well! So you’ll have plenty of time to research and make an educated decision before March 9th rolls around


  3. If I chose to Opt - Out of the NCSAC Membership Fee, can I still run in the 2019/2020 Election?
    Answer: No. If a student has opted out of the NCSAC Membership Fee they are no longer eligible to run in the Elections. Students who went through this process were made aware of this when they logged into the portal and selected to ‘opt out’ of the NCSAC Membership Fee. There is currently no structure to allow students to opt back into fees.

    The exception to this rule would be students who are in their co-op term, the reason for this is because the co-op students do not have the same ability to select ancillary fees and therefore never turned down the ability to stay opted into the NCSAC Membership Fee. 

  4. Why does my vote matter?
    Answer: Sure. It’s 1 vote. But that one vote is your voice. It is you saying YES! I support this candidate to be the representative of my school of study. To be my voice at the board table. To make change on my behalf. This one vote you’re casting could be the difference between one candidate or another.


  5. What is in it for me to become a Board Director?
    Answer: You’ll be at the helm of not only representing the students of NC, but shaping the vision and direction of the entire organization. This position will teach you – in depth – the practice of good governance, an amazing transferable skill into any workplace you go to. Furthermore, this is a paid position and not simply a volunteer. There will also be numerous opportunities for personal professional development.


  6. I want to run for President, how does that work?
    Answer: All individuals interested in running for President must meet the criteria set out in the Elections Bylaw to be eligible to run for the position. In order to run in the election as a presidential candidate, a member of the corporation must be a NCSAC Board Member, or be the current President, or have served as a past - NCSAC - board of director member and is currently enrolled as a student; and have the ability to serve a 1-year employment term in a full-time capacity with a minimum of 35 hours per week (Monday – Friday, commencing May 1st of 2020, and ending April 31st 2021


  7. If the election has concluded, but I would like to challenge a result, what is the process I can take?
    Answer: Should this event occur in which you are feeling the need to challenge an election outcome, your first step will be to email our CRO -Istafa Sufi – he can be reached by email by clicking here. Our CRO is a third-party employee that is hired for the duration of the election process, and is a non-biased employee.

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